Three Days to Thrive with Robynn Anton

#6 Your Blueprint for Getting Online Quickly & Easily

January 20, 2021

Ready to Get Online?

The 9 Step Blueprint to Getting Online Quickly & Easily

By Robynn Anton, The Go-To-Expert

1. Find a MENTOR (preferably me!)

Find someone you TRUST who has been there and done that! Copycat their ideas, do not recreate the wheel (yet!). Figure out what you like about their style – what attracted you to them in the first place, and mirror your brand in a similar way.

Make sure you find ONE person and STICK with them, otherwise you will find yourself ALL OVER the place, spinning your wheels.

Pick. Stick. Succeed.

2. Pick your NICHE

What do you want to be known for in your industry? Becoming the Go-To-Expert in your industry can change the course of your business.

3. Claim your AUDIENCE

Decide who you want to serve – your primary ideal customer or client (your PIC). Pick ONE PERSON and talk to THEM. Others will follow.

4. Define your VALUE

How do you help your clients succeed? Make sure you are able to articulate your VALUE.


Before you can generate leads or sales online – You HAVE to have something to share with your prospects that offers them VALUE. This content will be used to connect and engage with your prospects and prove that you know what you are doing – and you are an expert in your field.

Examples of valuable content might include an eBook, a case study, a video/interview, an article – something that shows your expertise in your industry. I suggest writing an eBook – it’s easier than you think with the right guide.

6. Update your WEBSITE

Make sure your website speaks to your PIC. Also, make sure it is EASY to buy from you or connect with you from your website. Don’t make them search for your offer!

7. Start a FACEBOOK page for your business

Start posting tips and advice from your one piece of VALUABLE content (no need to come up with NEW content each week, use what you have created and share it in snippets.) Start with 10 evergreen posts and then add weekly from there.

 8. Decide HOW you want to communicate with your audience regularly

Podcast, Facebook Live, blogging, videos, weekly tips & advice posts, etc. Pick something FUN! If you like the talk – starting a podcast is EASY and inexpensive. If you like to WRITE – plan on blogging tips and advice each week or customer updates to show them what you are working on!

9. Start to build your EMAIL list off of your social media platforms

Offer free content in exchange for your prospect’s email.

Then, send a weekly email using the content from your weekly Facebook posts – like weekly Tips & Advice!

For more information on getting started online or to download The 9 Step Blueprint for Getting Online Quickly & Easily CLICK HERE.


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