Three Days to Thrive with Robynn Anton

#5 What is your VALUE?

November 19, 2020

How do you define the VALUE you bring your customers?

When someone asks you what do you do, are you excited to answer that question?

Do you know how to explain what you do?

Have you thought about what you do in terms of the explicit VALUE you bring your customers? Or do you respond randomly and blurt out whatever is on the top of your mind at the moment?

Determining your VALUE is a foundational step in creating a profitable business – whether you're online or offline. So how do you decipher exactly what it is you do for your customers?

If you are an IT consultant, some of you might say – I work with you to determine what software solutions would help you solve your challenges. If you are a business coach – I help you with business growth strategies.

But think about it - anyone can say that, right? I would assume all consultants or even businesses in general, say that in some form or another.

But your VALUE isn't just in recommending or providing strategies or solutions –

Your VALUE is in your ability to determine and identify the correct PROBLEMS that are causing the challenges your prospects are facing.

Just like Ford always said – if he had asked his customers what they wanted – they would have said a faster horse. Your clients don't always understand what they need.

You are an EXPERT in your field. You understand what causes problems and how to solve them at a deeper level than your customers – that is why they NEED you.

So really think about that. What is your VALUE? 


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