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#2 Where should you start to get yourself online? (Three Days to Thrive: FOUNDATIONAL Step)

September 17, 2020

Sometimes you just need to take action and get things done. All the planning in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t TAKE ACTION.

So, I will be talking to you today about what's holding you back from taking action from getting yourself out there online and moving forward as a thought leader in your industry?

There are three things that I think you would agree are holding you back from getting yourself out there…

  1. You think you're swamped running your business and you just don’t have time to do anything else or add one more project to your plate
  2. You don’t see the value in what it is you think you want to do, for example – you know you need to update your website but you don’t think its really that important
  3. You don’t make marketing online or marketing, in general, a priority

BUT deep down - there are two reasons that you haven’t moved forward

1. Because you are afraid -you are afraid no one is going to pay attention and you are afraid you will put all of this work into something and no one will care.

2. Another thing that stops you is perfectionism –you don’t want to put something out there online that doesn't look good. You don’t want to embarrass yourself especially online.

But I can tell you right now -you have to start somewhere. Things will get better and easier> You might even think wow – I am really good at this and then six months from now you will look back and laugh and think wow, Oh my gosh, I can't believe I did there. Don’t worry about it. Stop. No one cares- and if they do care – they aren’t your target audience.

As a matter of fact, I am the prime example of an x-procrastinator. When I finally convinced myself that it was time to stop putting off creating the business that I have always wanted – and I just needed to get something done – I sat down at my computer and within a day I had my first eBook written. Just this past week, I decided I wanted to start a podcast. I always knew this is where I was headed, but I never took the time to actually do it.

Do you know how good it feels to set a goal and accomplish it? 

Sometimes you just need the guidance– from someone who is in your same shoes. I know I have been a radio show host in the past, but I have never created my own podcast. I don’t have all of the right equipment yet, but I’m doing it anyway.

  1. I’m recording the episodes on my cell phone
  2. I'm editing in Camtasia and
  3. I'm uploading the podcast to Podbean where I hosted my radio show after it went live
  4. I took selfies on a timer to come up with my photo and removed the background at – best tool ever for removing your background
  5. I created my logo on for free
  6. And I created the logo and description box on a WordDoc and saved it as a jpg using the snipping tool  

AND BOOM! Now, I have my own podcast. It really is that easy!

I can tell you right now, if you take the time to determine your online niche, your target audience, and how you can add value to your prospects and clients- you will nail it. You will meet them where they need you because this is where you are an expert. And it will be so exciting to share your information when you know that they can really use what you are creating.

Remember- I’m not asking you to create content on topics you don’t know. You know your stuff. You know what you’re good at. The content you will be creating will be focused on something you know and have been successful doing – either on your own or with your clients or customers. I am here to help you figure out what to create and how to create it quickly & easily with step-by-step checklists and guides.

So think about – what it is you’re good at? What comes naturally to you in your business?  Do you give advice, do you develop programs, do you offer products and services that support someone else’s life or business? Think about it.  I want you to get as excited as I am– I want you pumped up and thinking -- I got this!

Think about what information you could share with your prospects to help them be successful, reach a goal, take the next step – whatever it is. If you’re an attorney or a business coach – how can you provide guidance or information to people to help them? If you’re a fitness coach – you know you are needed. There aren’t enough coaches out there to reach everyone that needs your help. What is your story? How can people relate to you? Think about it. What are you willing to share? What would you have liked to have known before you discovered your secret to success? What are the shortcuts? Provide checklists, surveys, you name it – your tribe will eat up your information. They crave your information.

BUT… before you take another step - you need you to listen to the FOUNDATIONAL episodes in this series FIRST. I have set up lists of questions so you can clearly define the value you bring to the table, your online niche, and your primary ideal customer (or what I refer to as your  PIC). Even if you have been in business for 20 years – you really need to start with the basics. If you want to become a thought leader online – you need to have laser-focus on everything you do. There are so many messages and people and programs online – you need to have clarity in your message to resonate with your online prospects and customers and you can only get that by starting with the basics. PERIOD.

You’re wasting your time if you don’t listen to those episodes -they are short and sweet – most of them are 10 minutes or less –but you need to start by listening and ANSWERING the questions. I can’t state that enough. And I’ll tell you why. When I first started putting together this program – I wasn’t exactly sure who I wanted to talk to. And when I put together the first few episodes of my podcast, I was all over the place. When I did the WORK to truly clarify my value, define my niche, and determined my primary ideal customer, I was floored at how easily I could come up with the right words and the content that made sense. I make it really easy for you. I outline all of the questions you need to answer in the show notes or in worksheets attached to the podcasts on my website.

I’m can also tell you, if you don’t make getting yourself or your business out there online a priority – no one else will make you a priority either.

Meaning, you will soon become irrelevant, your business will be lost among the masses and you will be mad at yourself for not doing what you KNOW you needed to do.

You are an expert in your field. You know you are good at what you do. You need to let others know as well.  So figure it out – what are you good at? How can you help someone

And who is that ONE person you can help (in the target audience foundational episode I talk about picking one person- your primary ideal client -  and creating content just for that person  – and once you figure that out – you will be so excited to get information out there – whether you start a podcast, write a blog, write an ebook, or start a Facebook group).

For some of you, it might just be updating your website right now. You know your site looks outdated, and your messaging is vague and confusing and, more importantly, your site isn’t driving new leads or sales

Stop making excuses. Work through the fear. Give it up. Give up the fear that no one is going to pay attention. Because they ARE going to pay attention. And once you realize that, your business will explode.

There is a lady that I’ve been following on Instagram. She calls herself the Instagram Expert – every day she puts information out there – "Hey try this, Hey try that" -- it’s just tips and advice on how to make your Instagram platform better – I don’t even market on Instagram but I follow her and take some of her tips for other things. You don’t even know who is waiting for you. (She gave me the tip!)

You have no idea who is waiting for you to step-it-up. Step-it-up and share your story, Share the information only you know that can help them be successful in their life or their business.

My biggest piece of advice- listen to your gut and intuition. If your gut is telling you – I could be doing so much more with my business if I just took the time to figure it out – then do it.

If you dream of taking all or part of your business online, it’s not too late. It is never too late.

If you know you have information to share with your prospects that could help them AND help YOU grow your business – you need to figure out what you want to do. And you need to figure it out today. Not tomorrow, not next weekend. Today. You need to listen to the ideas I share with you and pick a project and just do it!

There are some foundational pieces that you need to have in place before you start any project. I have podcasts in this series that I will label FOUNDATIONAL Step so you know that those are the ones you need to listen to FIRST and answer the questions to develop a strong foundation for moving forward online. This will give you the clarity you need in your business online - and off

This program is set-up to give you short marketing bursts- mini-projects that will get you excited, focused, and driven.  Each week I will upload a new project for you to think about, focus on, and take action.

Be sure to listen to the foundational episodes before moving forward with ANY project: 

#1 Three Days to Thrive Introduction

#2 Where should you start?

#3 Determining Your Niche 

#4 Who is your person? Who is your Target Audience?

#5 How do you add VALUE?

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